When time expires bypass "Ok" dialog window

Jul 22, 2019

Is this possible once the time has expired to bypass the "ok" dialog window that appears and simply direct the user to the location instead?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tyler. Since the "OK" button sends learners to the results slide, I'd have a look a using a variable that controls what happens when the timeline of the results slide starts. In a simple quiz, you could set up something like this: 

  • On the last quiz question slide, create a trigger that adjusts a true/false variable from false to true. You could name it "finishedquiz" for example, and attach the trigger to the submit button, or the continue buttons on the correct and incorrect layers.
  • On the results slide, add a trigger to jump to the slide you'd like to redirect to when the timeline of the slide starts with the condition IF the value of the "finishedquiz" variable is false.

If learners don't reach the last quiz slide and complete it, the variable value will remain false. When they click "OK" because the time runs out, they'll go to the results slide and then get immediately redirected to your chosen slide. 

Start from there and see if you can find a way forward with those ideas! You'll probably want to reset results as well if you anticipate allowing learners to retake the quiz.

Tyler Moore

Thanks, this is a special case where the entire activity is controlled as if it's a quiz (to get the timer function) but does not have any questions for the user to answer. It's not really a quiz it was just a workaround to be able to time students and kick them out after 15 minutes to a final slide. Because the text label which triggers the time is in the player there is no way to edit the variable. It already takes students where I want when they click 'ok'. Just seeing if there was a way to direct them straight to the final slide without the ok dialog box showing. I don't think this is possible.

Jerry Beaucaire

I'm not a "whiz" at Javascript, but folks here in the community have probably solved these ideas.

  1. Set a T/F variable called TimeExpired
  2. Use the Javascript found in this Egg-timer story to run a 15 minute countdown clock.  You can use the Master Slide onscreen timer they've created there, or just let it run silently in the background.
  3. That script should be tweaked at the end to adjust your TimeExpired variable to TRUE when the countdown is done
  4. Lastly, put a trigger on every slide to Jump To (end slide) when that variable changes.


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