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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Marianne,

Welcome to the community!

Here's a link to a thread where someone asked a very similar question

And another one about when to use scenes

You'll find there's no one right thing to do. As many in the above threads have suggested, my main purposes for scenes are organizational, and to break my file up into smaller chunks for easier previewing.

Marianne Oldenburg

Hi Becky and Leslie,

You both made me feel so welcome so I even added a personal picture.

The answers where good ones but I still  have one remaining doubt concering scenes. When you look at the index part of the screen I find the lines above and below each scene confusing. Doesn´t that make users confused?

Can you please explain how I can put the scenes seamingless into the index part? Right now I am building extra scenes that I connect to the predominantely linear flow with buttons. Maybe this can be done easier and with good usability.

Kind regards,