When using jump to slide previous slide how do I reset the timeline to start again?

I have audio enabled on my slides that plays automatically with the timeline.  I installed a "back" button with a trigger to "jump to previous slide".  How can I configure this "back" button to restart the timeline on the previous slide so the audio begins again from the beginning of the timeline?  Any help is appreciated.

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Fannie May Alba

Hi Craig.

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Sounds like you have to work on your layer behavior by adjusting the Slide Layer Properties.

The Revisit property lets you control how the objects on your layers behave if learners revisit the layer. To reset your audio from the beginning of the timeline you may choose the option below:

Reset to initial state: Use this option if you always want the layer to reset to its initial state if learners return to it. This means any time the learner views the layer subsequent times, it'll restart at the beginning of the layer's timeline, and any interactive objects will return to their initial states.

Please see Working with Layers for the video tutorial.

I hope this helps.