When using trigger "Hide Layer, this Layer when the user clicks" it jumps back to base layer.

Dear community,

To give you an example:

I use a scene with 1 slide. The slide it self contains ofcourse the base layer. But i also have made a few slide layers myself, for instance 10 pieces.

Now, one of these 10 slide layers contains a layer called "targets" for example. Within the targets slide-layer there is a button with trigger command:

"Hide Layer, this Layer when the user clicks"

It does exactly what it is supposed to do, namely hide the targets slide-layer when the close button is hit.. But whenever it hides the targets slide-layer it jumps back to the base layer even when the targets slide-layer is opened from slide-layer 3 or 4 or 5, etc out of 10.

I very much would like to go back to the specific slide-layer from where the targets slide-layer is opened, when closed again.

Is there a solution for this?

It is a question of great interest to me..

Thanks in advance, love from Holland :)

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Atilla Ertunc

@ Leslie: Thanks for the warm welcome :) Appreciate it..

@ Michael: When i do this it jumps back to a specific selected layer from the targets layer when closed, for instance layer 3 out of 10. But when the targets-layer is opened from say layer 6 out of 10, i want it to go back to layer 6 when closed instead of only layer 3 by triggering a show layer.

Michael Hinze

Ah I see. You can do that too, I see a couple of options:

1. Uncheck the Hide other slide layers option in the Targets layer properties and use an object to cover the layer underneath. See attached a quick example, or

2. Use a variable that indicates which layer was viewed last and then use conditional Show Layer xyz triggers on the Targets layer go return to the lastviewed layer.