When using zoom on photos, next button leaves zoom icon on screen

I've added photos with the zoom feature enabled on them. The problem is that when I view them in the player, the zoom works fine but when I click the next button to move to the next slide the photo disappears leaving the zoom icon and the same slide on the screen. I then need to click the next button again to move to the next slide. What gives?

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Jake Hurt


I can confirm the issue is still present now. In the course i am building this bug exists. There is nothing special on the slide, the image has 'zoom picture' enabled and the next button causes the image to vanish instead of moving to next slide. You then need to click the next button again.

Any fixes? Or shall I just remove the functionality?



Jake Hurt

Tried it on a different slide, this time giving 2 images the  Zoom Picture setting. This time the next button needs to be clicked 3 times:

1st time: 1st image vanishes

2nd time: 2nd image vanishes

3rd time: next button behaves like next button.

It's busted, i'll just remove this feature from the course. If anyone knows how to fix it though, please feel free to chime in.

Jake Hurt

Hi Alyssa,

I have recreated it using the course I am working on, in order to protect client confidentiality I have replaced everything with Christmas.

The preview and the publish both have the issue in this case, the story file and the published file are in the zip attached.



Alyssa Gomez

I've got some answers for you, Jake. There is a known issue with using the "Grow" entrance animation on images that also have "Zoom Picture" enabled.  The workaround that I would suggest is to use a different entrance animation on those images. 

I have added this thread to the issue report, and I’ll be sure to post any updates here when they're available!  You’ll receive an email notification because you are now subscribed to this post.