"When variable changes" - one use only?

May 02, 2017

I'm trying to create a menu which is incorporated into a slide master, so that I don't have to keep adding a new menu to each slide.  To do this, I've added a True/False variable to open the menu.

When clicking on a button on the normal slide, it adjusts the menu variable to "True", and on the slide master, there's a trigger to show the menu layer when that variable is "True".  When you then click the close button, along with closing the menu and hiding the layer, there's also a trigger to change the variable back to False.

Problem is, this only seems to work once.  When I preview the slide, I can click the menu button once and it works fine, but when I then close the menu and try opening it again, nothing happens.  I've tested the variable using the %variable% text box, and the variable is definitely changing back and forth as intended.

Is this an actual limitation of the "when variable changes" trigger, or something which can be fixed?

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Phil Mayor

I would use a number variable instead this way you don't have to worry about setting it back to false. 

To show the menu add a trigger to add one to the menu variable. On slide master show menu when menu variable changes.

The is easer as you don't have to track the value of the menu variable, where it may not get changed back to false.

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