When viewed on a Mac, my Articulate project looks blurry or pixelated.

I made the course fill the browser window and set it to 16:9 so that it really fills the screen. On my computer it looks great, but when I published it into Tempshare and then tried it on a Mac it looks like the images are low quality. Even the text looks kind of blurry or pixelated. Is this a known issue and is there a work around?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Fraser! Thanks for reaching out here. Were you viewing the published project in Flash or HTML5? Objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output. As a result, they may not appear as crisp in HTML5 as they do in Flash if you set the player to scale to fill the browser. To avoid scaling and reduction in image quality, we recommend locking your course player at optimal size.

Fraser Hawkins

Hi Alyssa, thank you for the response. The project was being viewed on a Mac, and thus it was HTML5. I went back and, as you suggested, locked my course at optimal size, but this made it appear rather small, and I needed it to fill the screen.

The work around for that was to increase the size of my story to about 1600 by 900 pixels and then set it for optimal size. This tripled the memory space that the course took up, but space isn't an issue on this project and it looked much better. Thank you again for your help.