When will a new mobile player be released?


We were wondering when a updated mobile player might be released.  The current player does not meet our needs due to not being able to zoom, change orientation, fill the screen etc.

In the UK this week we have the learning technologies show and have been tasked with looking at mobile learning development tools.  Our managers have seen the Storyline player and were un-impressed with the limitations.

My colleagues and I have invested a great deal of work and personal time in learning Storyline, we feel it would be a real shame to let those Storyline skills lapse in favor of other tools.  

If you can provide any information on your roadmap for storyline / mobile player, or if you have anyone attending the Learning Technologies conference this week (Weds/Thurs), we'd really appreciate any information around Storyline on mobile devices.




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Alexandros Anoyatis

As much as I would love an updated player, you can already perform most of the tasks you mentioned, especially if you're going with a chromeless design.

Zooming is a, mostly polished, stock feature you can work with and customize fairly quickly. Orientation change would be a bit of a gimmick, and would certainly imply creating a new design for the alternate portrait view anyway.

As for full-screen functionality, there are various scripts out there that you can combine to achieve this, both for Flash and HTML5 versions of your courses, and they work flawlessly.

Just my 2c,

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jonathan!  Thank you for reaching out, but unfortunately, we don't announce product roadmaps or release dates for new products/features or updates. You are welcome to share your thoughts on features you'd like to see by submitting a feature request here as those go directly to our product development team.

Also, I'd suggest that you subscribe to the Word of Mouth Blog for updates on Articulate products, and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.