When will an updated VPAT be available for Storyline 360 that uses the VPAT2.x format?

Has Articulate create a VPAT for the VPAT 2.x WCAG format yet?  If not, will something be available soon? 

Before my university department can purchase  any more Articulate licenses we need to verify WCAG A and AA criteria are fully supported.

The latest version VPAT 2.3 appears to be a much cleaner format for both vendors and their clients: https://www.itic.org/dotAsset/d7c0a173-64ba-4000-a779-42d1869b1e2b.doc  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, David. We initially optimized Storyline 360 to support WCAG 2.0 criteria, Levels A and AA. These guidelines go into detail about current support.

We're making good progress on accessibility enhancements for Storyline. We've been consulting our customers about specific needs and have identified a range of improvements we can make. We have several enhancements planned to comply with the latest accessibility standards across more screen readers and web browsers. 

We're excited about these changes, and we think you're going to love them too! I can't share the details yet, but we'll announce our improvements as they roll out.