When will Storyline 3 be released?

Hello, I just want to know when will a new stand alone Version of articulate storyline 3 (?) be released because I don´t want to pay yearly and I don´t need the complete suite articulate 360. Or is it possible to buy storyline 360 and install it like a desktop version and pay a fix amount for unlimit use.



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Crystal Horn

Hey, Alfred!  Thanks for letting us know what works for you.  We will release the next perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio next year. Just a note that these products will NOT include integration with the web apps in Articulate 360 such as Content Library and Articulate Review. We truly haven’t set a firm release date for the next perpetual versions of Storyline and Studio (we’re not being coy!) but it will be in 2017. We’ll share news of it in the community when we have a firmer date.

And we'll continue to support the current and previous versions of our perpetual products as well!

Mark B

Thanks for confirming that Storyline 3 is indeed happening, as I had heard a lot of conflicting reports on that as well.

I'm hoping that you can clarify a few things for me...

When you say it will have a ‘perpetual license’, I’m assuming that you mean it will be buy-once and own it forever…but just wanted to confirm as when I used that word with my manager they  took the word ‘perpetual’ in the sense that it would be an on-going subscription license.

We are in the same boat as most of the others in this thread, where we want the latest Storyline but we don’t have a need for the majority of the other products included in the 360 suite, especially with the massive yearly price tag attached to it….so we’re waiting to see the details of what Storyline 3 is going to be. Our ideal would be able to purchase a subscription to JUST Storyline, as we like the benefits of the subscription model and always having the latest version… but only want to be paying for what we use. I’m hoping (as I know a lot of other people here are) that you’ll come out with a subscription-based model for JUST Storyline that is more on par pricing-wise with Captivate ($29/month).

Is there info anywhere about the plan for how Storyline 3 (and any future new versions) will differ from the 360 version? For example will the 360 version always have all of the same features as the standalone version?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Happy to clarify and confirm what I can for you -

Storyline 3 will be a one time purchase (just like Storyline 2 or Storyline 1). So perpetual meaning that you would always have the license and serial number after purchase. Internally we've been using perpetual vs. subscription to distinguish between Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 (as a part of the Articulate 360 suite). 

On the day that Storyline 3 is released this year, its features will match those of Storyline 360, with the exception of the subscription elements like Content Library and Articulate Review.  So, following along on those Available Now items that you see on our What's New, What's Next page is a great move. There may be some features added to Storyline 360 that aren't added to Storyline 3 right away or at all - but we don't have a full feature list of those yet. You can expect that things you're seeing today in Storyline 360 such as HTML5 only publishing, responsive player, or dial interactions are included in Storyline 3.

It's also worthwhile to keep in mind that after the day Storyline 3 is released, as Storyline 360 adds additional features and diverges from Storyline 3's initial feature set, 360 content containing those new features may not open in Storyline 3.

Hope that helps!

Mark B

Hi Ashley,

Thank you very much for that information, it definitely helped provide some clarity.

Has there been any discussion about providing the option for customers to purchase just Storyline 360 on a subscription basis? I’ve seen a ton of people asking for it, as it would certainly make it more affordable for a lot of people…so I’m curious if this is at all in the plan for the near future. I was surprised that wasn’t an option when Articulate 360 was first released. While I understand that the full package offers value with the multiple product offerings, I know that having the option to purchase a subscription for JUST Storyline 360 would be very well received. Business-wise too, I would think it makes a lot of sense to be on a more competitive level with Captivate since it is available as a standalone product at a lower cost.  

My wish would be to have Storyline 360 available as a standalone subscription purchase (priced comparably to Captivate’s  $29/month) and then provide ‘a la carte’ style offerings for individual add-ons such as the review tool, Rise, etc. That way people are able to pay for only what they’ll actually use (which I think would ultimately result in more sales overall, since a lot of people have avoided upgrading due to the high cost of the whole package).

I realize that all of this is out of your personal control, but just wanted to share these thoughts as I know other customers feel the same way. Is there a more appropriate channel for me to voice these suggestions to the team who are in charge of the pricing models?

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

Not a discussion I've been part of - but the team who monitors and works in the ELH forums does continue to share that feedback up the chain so that those who have the broader business picture are aware of the request for individual product subscription. So you're welcome to share those ideas here, or you can also connect with our Success team (who would be your go to for sales, upgrades, etc.) - we're all keeping an eye on that feedback to pass along!  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael, 

Any content created with Articulate 360 applications can be viewed on Mac computers. Our newest authoring tool, Rise, can be used natively on a Mac. It’s web-based and is supported on all modern web browsers. I use it regularly in Chrome Mac. 

We’ve also introduced Peek for Mac as a native Mac offering.

Other web-based experiences in Articulate 360 (web browsing of Content Library, Articulate Review, and Articulate Live) are supported on all modern web browsers for Mac and Windows computers. 

So although we don't have a native Storyline or Studio for Mac yet, I hope some of those features within Articulate 360 will help you out and let you know - we're listening and hard at work on some other exciting things. 

Rod Schmidt

While Articulate 360 is a great service, I am very pleased the Articulate is continuing new releases and support for Storyline as a standalone. My organization (like many organizations) does not have the luxury of using a subscription-based model for software or an environment that would even allow us to access a large percentage of the features that make Articulate 360 appealing.

If as Ashley stated earlier, features in the Articulate SL authoring tool will be included in Storyline 3, the inclusion of closed captioning almost by itself would be worth the upgrade from SL2 to SL3.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martine, 

Storyline 2 will continue to be supported and you'll be able to receive help here in ELH or from our Support Engineers, so I wouldn't say obsolete. You won't necessarily see the same new features added to Storyline 2, that will be available when Storyline 3 rolls out and as it evolves. If you're weighing the options right now and concerned about what's going to happen when Storyline 3 is released our Success team would be happy to chat through that with you! 

John Pieterse

Thank you Ashely, but that raises another one. What I mean is that when I'm now on a SL360 subscription (and downloading regular updates) and decide to change over to SL3 when it arrives, will the release of SL3 then be compatible with SL360 including the latest update? I can see that SL360 will evolve and SL3 perhaps in a slower pace, creating two different paths where SL3 will not be compatible with SL360 after some while. I can live with that but I just want to make sure that the projects we are now developing on SL360 will be transferable to SL3 when it comes out.

Long story but I hope you get my meaning.

Cheers and tanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

Sorry if I wasn't clear! Let me try a different way...

Let's say hypothetically - Storyline 360 received an update on March 8th (that part is real!) and if in this scenario, Storyline 3 was released on March 10  - anything you had created in Storyline 360 up until March 10, would work and be able to open in Storyline 3. So at that point, you've got all the same features and fixes (outside of the Articulate 360 subscription pieces like Content Library, Review, etc.). You could open a file created in Storyline 360 on March 9, in Storyline 3 on March 11 - and all good. 

Now in our hypothetical situation, let's say on March 20th,  Storyline 360 got a new update with a bunch of new animations like one that made it look like the screen BLOWS UP! (sounds cool right? For the record I entirely made that up). Now the Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 paths have started to separate. That file you create on March 20 in Storyline 360 with the latest update wouldn't work in Storyline 3 anymore (if you used the new feature in your project).

Hope that helps John!

John Pieterse

Thanks again Ashley, loved you explanation and you exactly nailed down what I was aiming at! I am assured now that I can carry on with SL360 projects until the day MY Screen Blows Up telling me that SL3 is available :-)

And again, it is not that I object to a subscription module, I would even continue one for SL360, it is merely that I do not require the other software nor that I would like to pay for it (you are speaking to a Dutchman after all)

Thanks again for your time and ever lasting support!