Where are embedded images exported to?

Apr 01, 2019


During the creation of our eLearning modules, we regularly design icons and buttons in Illustrator, and copy them into Storyline 360. Once in Storyline, we then right click and ungroup them in order to create freeform objects so that we can assign colour themes to them. I believed that upon publishing the course, these are converted to PNG files. However, we are unable to locate these files in the exported SCORM package.

Would anyone be able to provide assistance in finding the location of these files in the exported ZIP package? Or pointing us where they are in the exported HTML/Java files?

Thanks in advance,

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Bob, thanks for your patience! 

I got some clarification from our Engineers on this topic that I'd like to pass along to you. 

Storyline codes those icons as vector images as opposed to saving them as .PNG files. That explains why you're not seeing the icons in your published output folder. 

Instead, we use scripting to generate the vector icons on the slide, and they'll look perfectly on any screen size. 

Does that help to answer your question?

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