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Hi Carol,

It might sound a bit basic, and I'm sure you've probably looked already, but the first thing to check is if they are actually templates. Occasionally you get files shared as templates that are actually just story files. So check your Storyline Templates folder and make sure the file types are .storylinetemplate and not just .story

If they are .story files you can still use in a similar way to templates through the Import button on the Slides menu, but in order to use them as templates to start a new project you'll need to open them as story files and do a "Save as" from the File menu.

If it's Content Library templates you're using the best way is just to browse to them again through the Content Library button. You can then insert any slide from any template, but if it's a template you've used before the insert process is much quicker as the core template already exists from your previous use.

Hope that helps