Where are URL links written in Storyline 1?

Feb 13, 2015


After a course is published, where does Storyline 1 write the url included in triggers? 

The user will click a button and it will open another course within the LMS.  When I check the link by clicking the green checkmark, it works.  After it is published, the new course doesn't open.  I would like to see if Storyline is making changes to the link during publish.


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Russell Still

How do you have it setup for browser operation - same tab (probably not) or new tab? I'm guessing new tab. Have you tried it in different browsers? Is the LMS limiting what you can access? Have you tried publishing it outside of the LMS?

It would also be helpful if you could post some screen shots of your trigger internals.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheri,

What do you mean by "writes the urls" ? You mention it didn't work after publishing, and I'd want to confirm that you were testing within the intended publish environment as testing it locally could cause the issues you encountered. 

if you're looking to see how elements are written in the code post publish, I'll defer to the community on that as we don't have an option to look at Storyline's published output code and make modifications. 

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