Where did my storyline go?

Aug 01, 2018

I recently published my Storyline project because I needed it to be reviewed by a number of people.  Now, when I open Storyline and click on my project (I need to make revisions) it tells me that the link is invalid.  It tells me to check the link and try again, but I have no idea how to do this.  I have published storyline projects before and never had this problem.  I have to get this project back.  Why won't it let me open it?  Where did it go?  I did clean some stuff up on my computer and threw away files that I didn't need.  I assume that I threw away the published files, but why won't the most recent saved version open in Storyline?

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Tom Kuhlmann

It's possible when you cleaned things on your system you accidentally deleted or moved the file.

The link refers to the file location. If you moved the file, then the link won't work. Do a search for *.story on your computer (or drive) and it will locate all of the Storyline files. If you still have it, then it should show up.

If you didn't empty your recycle bin you may be able to restore the file if it's in there.

Chad Nichols

Found it!  Thank you so much for that link.   I was able to find a copy and restore it to my desktop.  I was not aware of how the storyline projects were saved.  I thought I had a good backup system.  I save everything to a flash drive and to an external hard drive.  But I am also using a Mac and running Parallels and it is totally throwing me off.  Have a wonderful day.

Thanks again.

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