Where do I find this quiz reply and why does it appear in English?

Hi all

I add a SL file showing a quiz and a screenshot of a message, that appears when I don't touch the first question and just hit the "SEND" button (in my case it's a symbol like >).

Where do I find this message? If I touch the question and answer it wrong, I get the "FALSCH" message. I would wish, that if the question hasn't been touched, the same "FALSCH" message appears, like when it's just wrong.

And how could I make sure, that if I open a NEW PROJECT, all text appears in German and not English?

I hope to be clear with my questions and thank you in advance for your support.

Regards Roland

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Roland Straub

Hello Michael

Brilliant! Exact the hint I needed and communicated in the most efficient way :-).

Thx a bunch for that. I actually now that but since I have been forced to use more Rise than Storyline, the knowledge starts to fade quickly.

Have a good rest of the week and best regards