Where do I put jquery.js?

Nov 27, 2014

I've built a course with nearly a thousand lessons.

More than half use web objects.  For each web object, I need jquery.

I can't use jquery online, because many of our students have poor or no internet.

So I need to put the jquery.js file somewhere. 

I CAN put a copy of jquery in every single folder for every single web object for every single lesson - that's about 500 copies!  Makes upgrading very tedious!  Is there somewhere I can put the jquery file where it can be shared?  And if so, what would be the path to access it?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Victor,

It depends on how you launch the lessons. If they are completely offline and all run from the same physical machine, then I believe you could go outside the main folder (using "../").

The problem is, you would have to declare the jquery one way or another. In this case it probably means you have to pick your poison (between 500 webobjects and 500 story.html hacks).

Hope this helps,

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