Where does the Player Title pull from?

I've just published a large number of video-based modules in Storyline 2 and realised that the Title field wasn't right when we did that and so it's not displaying what we want.

Does anyone know what published file this is being pulled from so that we could possibly update the code rather than having to republish each presentation again?

Any help appreciated.

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Andy Stopps

Thanks Christie, it's that process that I'm trying to circumnavigate.

I put the folder name in the Title when we published to try to be clever but it's backfired. I now have the published output folder and was just hoping to go into one of the files, change the name and re-save and zip it without having to publish again.

I just need the title that displays on the player to have the correct name and not the folder name - ie 'Managing Conflict' rather than 'xapi-conflict' . It must be pulling that name from somewhere to display it, I just can't work out where!!!

If I can find out it will take about an hour to fix, if I can't we're looking at 2 days of publishing again!




Christie Pollick

Hi, Andy -- Thanks for your reply, and unfortunately, what it sounds like you'd like to do is not something for which we'd actually be able to provide support, but perhaps you'll want to take a look at the following:

  • meta.xml has title=“COURSE NAME” in the <project> node
  • frame.xml has <option name="title_text" value=“COURSE NAME" />

Hope that helps and you can avoid days of republishing, but if that does not do the trick, I will need to defer to your fellow community members to assist you further. :)