Where is the library of audio files I recorded?

Hi folks,

When you record with a mic onto a Storyline screen, where is that recorded file kept? Is there a library of recorded narration files somewhere? Is it saved as an mp3 or a wav?

I can see the audio that I recorded, I can edit it, I can export it as an mp3 or a .wav file or both...I understand those things, but where is the audio file itself kept on my hard drive? 

This is more of a curiosity thing than anything. I'm just curious how Storyline works. I was having a problem with one of the recordings I made and it made me wonder whether I should have recorded the audio in Audacity and imported it rather than just recorded it to the Storyline screen, since then I might have more editing capabilities and would at least know where the audio file was located on my hard drive.



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George Chruney

Thanks for your answer, Phil.

Yusuf, I have copied a piece of audio from one screen to another, so that works fine. And you can export the piece of audio out to an asset folder somewhere on your hard drive as an mp3 or a .wav file, and import it into other courses from that asset folder.