Where is the missing horizontal and vertical distribution selection

When I select multiple objects on the slide and try to distribute them, I have been unable to find the "distribute horizontally" or "distribute vertically" choice.  I discovered that they ONLY show up when you are on the Home tab and click the Arrange icon and then click Arrange.  If you are on the format tab and click Arrange, it is missing.

I hope this discovery helps others with the same problem of losing the distribution choices.  It does seem a little strange that clicking on Arrange, wherever it appears in the program, does not offer the same choices.

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dave faldasz

Hi Robin!

They have little Icons under the Format tab that let you 1-click to distribute vertically/horizontally. Intuitive and recognizable once you find it. I stumbled on them accidentally one time.

We can also right click on that same icon and add it to the top left Quick Access Toolbar, so it is available regardless of tab selected. Not sure how to make a hot key for it, tho...