Where is the Scaled_Mastery_Score Value Stored w/SCORM 2004?

With Storyline and SCORM 1.2., the minimum value for passing the final quiz in a course is contained in the imsmanifest.xml file, in a line like this:  <adlcp:masteryscore>80</adlcp:masteryscore>   (the learner has to get at least 80% to pass).

In SCORM 2004, this is now called the Scaled_Mastery_Score. 

Question:  Where in the Storyline output for SCORM 2004 is this value stored?   Using the example above, where would I find the value of "80" for the Scaled_Mastery_Score?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Okay, I think I found it.  Normally it should also be in the imsmanifest file per this.

According to that SCORM.COM article, putting it elsewhere would be the exception.

In Storyline output, the passing (or mastery) score appears to come from the story.js file in the output's story_content folder, like in this example:

function QuizData(strQuizId, strQuizName)
    this.strQuizId = strQuizId;
    this.strQuizName = strQuizName;
    this.arrQuestions = new Array();
    this.dtmFinished = new Date();
    this.strStatus = "";
    this.nScore = 0;
    this.nPassingScore = 80;
    this.nMinScore = 0;
    this.nMaxScore = 100;
    this.nPtScore = 0;
    this.nPtMax = 100;

Can someone from Articulate confirm this?  And--just curious--why would you move it from the manifest file?

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Steve.

What is curious to me is the fact that the article I referenced was written by SCORM.COM (aka Rustici software) who also does Articulate's AICC and SCORM code (and I'm assuming Tin Can also).

So when they say it is usually done in the manifest for SCORM 2004 and then they do it a different way for Articulate, I just find that "mildly interesting."  (In no way a criticism--just an observation.)

This is important to me in that for SCORM 1.2 to work in my client's Saba system with a course that has a final quiz, I need to remove the mastery score value from the manifest file--otherwise Saba takes over determining completion from the content, which we normally do not want.   We usually want the content to determine completion and Saba to follow that. 

If we don't remove the mastery score value, Saba may fail a learner for not passing a quiz and move the registration to the transcript as unsuccessful instead of usually accepting the incomplete that we have the content send so the registration would stay on the learner's enrollments.

Not sure yet if I have to do that (remove the mastery score value) for SCORM 2004 or not.   That's why I was checking.  I'll be doing some testing later tonight.