Where to add and link to external files in Articulate Online?


I'd like to implement the PDF certificate outlined here. I have no issues customizing a certificate and using the files. I am having issues figuring out how to properly upload the whole thing to Articulate Online. Specific questions:

  • The web object cannot link to a local file (i.e. it require an http:// at the front of the URL). What is the correct and full URL to link to certificate.html when using Articulate Online?
  • I have added the javascript and certificate.html files as resources but none of these show up in the published output. I am assuming I need to add the javascript and certificate HTML file to the output folder and upload manually (as outlined here)? If this is true, do I need to bother adding them as resources?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

It's not something I can assist with - but perhaps you may want to also cross post in the Articulate Online forums to see if anyone there has additional thoughts? 

I'm not sure what you meant by adding them as resources - but if you're following the steps in that Quizmaker article, that should be enough.