Where to begin?

Jul 13, 2014

As a university teacher, I can always judge my students' personalities best by how they enter a classroom when they're late. There are the ones who boldly stroll in with earphones in, a cursory nod yet no eye contact although mildly surprised I started the class without them. Then there are the slinkers, creeping in while my attention is diverted hoping I fail to notice them and finally the apologisers who politely acknowledge their late entrance may be somewhat disruptive to the lesson.

Not sure what the etiquette is in the on-line world - a place where I definitely feel like a fish out of water. I am studying eLearning online at the University of New England and, being admittedly somewhat technologically-illiterate (according to my 9yo son) am experiencing a massive learning curve.

I am a news journo by background which means I know a little about a lot of things but not much about anything really. As well as teaching media units at various universities for many years (very much a classic whiteboard and red pen teacher I recognise the time is nigh to make the transition into the on-line realm.

As part of my brief, I must participate in an online Elearning community to see how it all works. I attended a one-day Articulate Storyline course about a 100 years ago and remember very little, other than wishing I could learn
by my preferred drip-feeding approach.

I have created a host of business writing training courses that are screaming to be published online as they are well received when I deliver them in person. At this stage, I have got them to a primitive stage using AS software but they all need a lot more work to make them look professional.

The impatient Anne would love to just outsource the job in its entirety to expert instructional designers but limited funds and an awareness that learning the trade for myself is the best approach in the longer term.

Hence my subject line question - where to begin?

Look forward to learning from more seasoned experts in this field.

cheers, Anne

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Meryem M

Anne, welcome to Heroes!

There are probably a hundred different ways to begin. However, I suggest that you download the free 30 copy of Storyline, and then start working through the tutorials on this page. Choose one of the courses that you have screaming at you, and as you watch the tutorials, try to put that course into Storyline. Then have a goal to finish something usable by the end of 30 days, and put your course online.

After you finish your 30 day trial with Storyline, download the free 30 days of Presenter and repeat with a new course. Then at the end of 60 days, you'll have two published online courses and a whole lot of practical knowledge.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Anne,

Welcome to the community.

Love what Meryem had to say.

You've absolutely chosen THE best community there is, so you're off to a great start.

In addition to the tutorials, one of the best hands-on ways to learn is to hang out in the forums a lot, look at questions/solutions posed by others, try to recreate the solutions on your own. You can be a lurker...or, you can participate with questions and solutions of your own.

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