Which setting for saving where you left off


I have a couple of courses that open another menu after one section has been completed and a tick appears.

The problem I am having is sometimes for no obvious reason, maybe the LMS, the completed sections become unticked and the learner has to redo a section to get a tick in the box again.

What is the best way to approach something like this where you want the tick to remain, my quizess are set to 'Reset to initial state, so learners can go over them again and again.  The page where the ticks appear are also set to 'Reset to initial state'.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

I may be confused about your question - but if you'd like the tick/check marks to stay as they progress through the course, you'll need to have the setting as "Resume saved state" - if you have it "reset to initial state" the course is acting as if they have not seen this slide before. 

If I'm misunderstanding, could you share the .story file here so that I could take a better look at your settings? If you're unable to share it in the forums, you could submit a Support case and just let me know the case number so I can take a look.