Which slides are using a master?

Jan 23, 2014

When I imported content into my storyline, it brings in another set of slide masters.  I'd like to use just one vs. having multiple ones active (they all look the same).  Is there an easy way to figure out which slides are using a particular master?  For example, the third master says "This is being used by 10 slides" but without reviewing every slide, I have no idea which ten it is.  There is a button on my main master that opens a print reference document, and I don't want to have to add the hyperlink in 12 different masters.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Tricia, there is no easy way to see which master the the slides are using. I really wish Storyline would identify the specific slides. One trick you can do is to change the background colour on the different slide masters or put a unique symbol or number on each master and then preview your project. This way you can see which slide master they are using.

Kendra Kernen

Great trick for Master Slides -- thanks! Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Feedback Masters. Is there a trick to finding out where those are used? I have four sets of Feedback Masters in my project for some reason; it's curious because I haven't even created a single quiz from the Quizzing templates! All my interactions are set up from scratch using a single Master slide set, yet the Feedback Masters (some of each of the four masters) indicate that I'm using them on anywhere from 1 to 27 slides! This isn't possible. And it doesn't give me the option to delete any of them. Any explanations welcome please.

Kendra Kernen

No, that wasn't it. I created this project from scratch and no one else works on it, so I'm thoroughly familiar with everything that's in it and why ... except for these darn Feedback Masters. I always quit SL at the end of the day, and sometimes these types of issues rectify themselves upon start-up the following day, so I'll see if that happens. Thank you.

Kendra Kernen

I actually created a new project file and did a clean import just this morning. I just looked at the original file and it had three Feedback Masters, but because I wasn't creating quizzes for that project either, I never noticed the proliferation of them because I had no reason to look at them. It really puzzles me where they came from and why they think they are being used in my project when they absolutely are not.

I guess they are not doing any harm, but they bother me because I like to have a clean, streamlined project "under the hood" as well as on the front end. Any unnecessary layers, slides, items, or anything that is not useful to the end product is just a problem waiting to happen, in my opinion.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kendra

I agree - it's the last thing I do before I publish - clean up the masters drives me crazeee as well.

Check if they have been 'preserved' sometimes if that option is clicked it won't release them.  Couple of times I've tried this and it works sometimes not ;-(

Check and then uncheck the 'preserve' option then save, close and re-open

Good luck

Kendra Kernen

Wow. Walt, that makes perfect, logical sense and I am grateful. I'm a relative SL newbie -- been using it about six months -- so I'm still learning how it all works together, and that little tidbit of information is so simple yet powerful. That's exactly the answer I was hoping for. Thank you!

I went through my project again and, after 100s of right-clicks :-( , made sure all my layers had the correct masters applied. I was then able to delete the two extraneous masters and clean up my project.

And thanks, Wendy, for sticking with me through this! Every little piece of advice adds to my knowledge base for future reference.

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