White Border!!??

Nov 02, 2014

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how to remove the white borders that are showing in my LMS system in the attached picture?

I have removed all the borders in Storyline...so I don't know if this is a setting that can be fixed in Storyline or whether its out of my control.



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Mike Enders

Hi Amy,

I may be wrong, but those white borders appear to be coming from the frame in which the LMS is placing the SL content.  I'd do this:

1. See if the LMS has the ability to alter the window/frame size in which content is launched. If so, see if you can manipulate the settings for a tighter fit.

2. See if the LMS can launch the content in an external window to see if this might clear it.

3. I notice that you have a cool widescreen design for your course.  Try loading a standard SL course output to the LMS to see if maybe the size of the SL content is causing the LMS to have issues with how it's displaying it?

Not sure that any of these really answer the question, but at least we might be able to try narrowing down the issue.  



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