White line around slider thumb?

I've designed a slider interaction in Articulate 360, using an image as the thumb for the slider (see attached .story file).

The thumb is meant to blend seamlessly with the background, but there is a white line around the image which is not visible in the editing pane but appears when I preview or publish the resource.

Any guidance on how to remove this white line would be appreciated!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sandy- Was the original image you used for the thumb slider .png format?  If you want to attach it here, you can.

I was able to notice the slightest "blur" around the border of that gray rectangle image when previewed, and so I extracted it (what I believed to be it, a gray rectangle in .png format) from the project to view just the image.  Same thing- just an ever so slight blur, and the HTML5 rendering in the Preview and Publishing process might just be making it a bit more blatant.

I wonder if using a different image file type would yield better results.  Pierre- when you re-imported the image, what was your process?