White screen crash on iPad after video page


I have created a course which has videos, and after each video, you automatically go to the next page.

When viewing the video once and going to the next page, it works correctly. When I then click back and watch the video again, there is a white flash as it goes to the next frame.

Sometimes this white screen stays for a second or two but more importantly it has stopped on this white screen about 5 times now and basically crashed my course.

Can anyone tell me why this happens after I have viewed the video once, and tell me if there is a fix for this as the course crashing is a serious problem.

This problem has happened while iPad testing. (Please don't just say it is an iPad support issue)

Many thanks,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elliott!

You may see an intermittent flicker when viewing HTML5 content on an iPad or iPhone. Due to mobile Safari browser limitations, we must redraw the canvas for certain events to occur, such as displaying slide layers. When this happens, you may see a brief flicker.

We optimized HTML5 output in Update 5 for Articulate Storyline to reduce intermittent flickering. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, download and install the latest version from the link in your product confirmation email, or get it here. Then republish your project.

Ell O


Yes I have seen a previous forum entry about the White flicker and I do have the latest version.

I eventually found that the reason for the white flash is that I was going to the next frame from a layer instead of the base layer. It works ok from the base layer. This looks like a bug.

I need the last frame of the video to seamlessly go onto the next frame when it has completed as the background of the next frame is the end frame of the video. The problem I have is that when the video has completed, it flashes the beginning of the video again for 1 second every time (If anyone has a fix for this it would be great.) It is as if the video is rewinding before the next frame. This ruins the effect I am going for as to why I added a trigger to take me to a new layer with the last frame image that went to the next frame after 1 second.

As it would intermittently break, I have had to use another more complicated work around.

Many thanks,