white screen when publishing to LMS


there is one project I'm working now, that acts different than others before.

it all started yesterday, after publishing another project to LMS (not regularl "to web"),

I am working on another project and wanted to publish it too to LMS

when viewing - it brings a blank white screen.

when publishing again "to web" - it runs ok!

publishing again to LMS - and the same white screene apears!

what have I dont different?

what should I check?

did anyone have this kind of problem!?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi BnBrt! Would you mind testing your content in SCORM Cloud to help determine where the issue lies? If you get the same issue in SCORM Cloud, then please allow our support team to have a look. If you cannot replicate the issue there, then the issue probably lies with the LMS that you are utilizing and you would need to follow up with them.