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Jun 28, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am curently making about my 5th Storyline module, but it is the first one where all screen capture is being done through Storyline.

Sadly it isn't going well. While making the module and previewing video tutorials I have made I have been getting a grey exclamation mark with a white background - like this:

 It covers the whole training module sceen and not just where the video is to display. When in preview I can just close the preview and open it up again and most of the time it opens ok and plays properly. To be clear, in preview it only occurs when I click to view a video. This wasn't too big a deal, just frustrating so I carried on.

I have since published the module and uploaded it to the LMS. I am now getting the issue on the LMS, initially the same deal as with the preview option. I'd open a video tutorial and the screen shown above would appear. I would close down the training (only option since all navigation is gone) and re-open it. While very unreliable It was opening fine when re-opened but then the exclamation screen popped up and I did the close and open module I had been doing but now everytime I try to open the training module that screen pops up - and not just when I try to view a video tutorial it's all the time now making the training impossible to view.

Adobe would point to this being a problem with bad flash development. As I said this is the first module I am making with all Storyline screen/video capture and I am concerned this fault will keep occuring in future modules. Even if I can figure out how to get the training module to work again through the LMS it isn't reliable enough to pass onto a client.

Is anyone else getting this fault when using storyline to do their screen/video captures?

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Andrew Gee

Hi All,

We also have this discussion going at the moment:  (I suggest you read as this is becoming a bigger issue than first thought).  

Might be time to consolidate discussions?


My issue is definitely caused by inability of IE + Flash Player + Storyline 2 to cater with high res screen recordings made via Storyline 2.  But also getting them when importing video as a step by step Try Mode now and after publishing crash is occurring.  I have had to change all high res screen recordings into step by step View Modes but have not experienced the issue in the Try Modes before.  I still suspect it is pre-loading too much data and does not cater for layers, multiple slides from the one slide and does not consider how much data is being loaded and the memory it hogs in the process. 

Hope we get some fixes/answers soon.


Jaimie Brubaker


I am also experiencing this issue after upgrading to Storyline 2.   When I submit another ticket, should I reference a ticket from this post?  Or someone's name to add it to the current investigations?

I do have a short-term client deliverable, if there's no fix-- and you can tell me how to avoid the errors, I'm happy to try.

Thank you,


Phyllis Venzant

Hi Leslie,

I am also having the same issue. I find myself creating a new course file, and copy the elements individually to each slide, hoping this action will resolve the issue. 

One of the slides contains 10 slide layers with 10 screen recordings. However, the white exclamaton mark appears on the last slide, which does not have any screen recordings.

I played the HTML and HTML 5 file in Google Chrome and it performs perfectly. When I launch the HTML file in IE9/WIndows 7, the last slide abruptyl stops.

The course is published for LMS with SCORM 2004 settings.  The company is on IE9, and this will not change anytime soon. Can you possible help me troubleshoot the issue?


Phyllis Venzant

In my ticket I did state that untested the course outside of the LMS environment. I published the course with SCORM 2004 settings, and played the HTML file in google Chrome. It played perfectly. I then launched the course in IE9 and the 1st 2 slides played all the way , but last slide did not complete to the end.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phyllis,

Thanks for letting me know you had a ticket and I see that you've been working with Renato on this issue and he hasn't been able to reproduce the behavior in his testing. He shared the following with you:

I was not able to reproduce the issue after uploading the published output to SCORM Cloud and launching the course in Internet Explorer 9. 

I did some research and it appears that the white exclamation mark is a Flash player issue. Can you please do the following that may resolve the issue. 

1) In Internet Explorer, follow the steps in this article to uninstall Adobe Flash Player: 


2) In Internet Explorer, install a fresh copy of Adobe Flash Player here: 


Were you able to look through those testing steps? Did you look at testing at SCORM Cloud yourself? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard
jaimie brubaker

If you have downloaded Update 5 on Storyline 2 and are getting the “Gray Circle of Death” when you publish, I suggest you roll back to Update 4 before and republish the file in that version. I don’t know why, but it worked for me. I used this link for Update 4.

Good luck.


Hi Jaimie, 

I removed the post as we try to keep links to older versions of our software out of public purvey - but if it's something folks need for a documented issue, they're welcome to connect with our Support engineers here and we can share the link with them privately. This helps prevent others from using older updates which are connected to known issues. Thanks for your understanding! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

An update from our team and suggested solution is below:

We're investigating an issue where a course may freeze during preview or in a Flash-enabled browser. You might also see a gray circle with an exclamation point when the course locks up.
It’s related to the custom tab order data in the course, which can burden the Flash Player's memory when the course is lengthy or has lots of images and videos.
You can fix it by removing some objects from the tab order for each slide. Here's how.
By default, all objects are included in the tab order. We recommend removing objects from the tab order if they aren't crucial to the context of the slide (e.g., design elements). And if your learners aren't using accessibility screen readers, we also recommend removing images and videos from the tab order.
If your course continues to freeze after reducing the number of objects in the tab order, please let me know. We'll want to have you reach out to our Support team here and mention that you went through the steps here. 

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