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Jun 28, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I am curently making about my 5th Storyline module, but it is the first one where all screen capture is being done through Storyline.

Sadly it isn't going well. While making the module and previewing video tutorials I have made I have been getting a grey exclamation mark with a white background - like this:

 It covers the whole training module sceen and not just where the video is to display. When in preview I can just close the preview and open it up again and most of the time it opens ok and plays properly. To be clear, in preview it only occurs when I click to view a video. This wasn't too big a deal, just frustrating so I carried on.

I have since published the module and uploaded it to the LMS. I am now getting the issue on the LMS, initially the same deal as with the preview option. I'd open a video tutorial and the screen shown above would appear. I would close down the training (only option since all navigation is gone) and re-open it. While very unreliable It was opening fine when re-opened but then the exclamation screen popped up and I did the close and open module I had been doing but now everytime I try to open the training module that screen pops up - and not just when I try to view a video tutorial it's all the time now making the training impossible to view.

Adobe would point to this being a problem with bad flash development. As I said this is the first module I am making with all Storyline screen/video capture and I am concerned this fault will keep occuring in future modules. Even if I can figure out how to get the training module to work again through the LMS it isn't reliable enough to pass onto a client.

Is anyone else getting this fault when using storyline to do their screen/video captures?

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Jonas Brolin Hjortsberg


I think we solved our remaining GCOD issues! After updating Storyline the issue with some users getting the "Grey circle of death" was almost gone. But in one project the issue still occurred for a few customers running Internet Explorer (different versions), latest flash on computers with low memory.

The problem occurred on slides with videos on different layers. I changed the Slide layer properties to Allow seeking: No.

This seemed to solve the problem.

I think the problem is that Storyline tries to preload to much on low memory machines, which do not work well in flash/internet explorer.

Hope this will help if someone else having this problem.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Jonas for sharing here and including that additional caveat. The latest update of Storyline did include some fixes associated with the low memory issues, so I'm glad to hear that solved it for you. You can take a look at the release notes here to see all the specific fixes that were included. You may also want to enable the check for automatic updates here so that way you'll be notified once an update is available and you're connected to the internet. 

Alexander Muehlenkord

Hi guys, the thread is a little older but hopefully someone can help me out. I am using Storyline 2  incl Update 11. I build a course with 30 short screen recordings (between 5 sec and 25 sec long each); added an mp3 for narration and a shape here and there, and I am utilizing the zoom feature in maybe 5 out of the 30 slides.

Clicking through the scene including the recordings rapidly (every 2 seconds) leads to the grey circle of death. Always on a different slide using Internet Explorer 11; Version 11.09...) I am not utilizing layers, or the seekbar. I deleted everything in the "tab order" section. Any ideas what else I can try? This is a big bummer for a relatively small project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alexander,

Are you sure it's running in Internet Explorer 11? I've heard of a few LMSs forcing content to run in compatibility mode dropping it back to something like IE7 (gasp!). That could definitely account for your course crashing. 

If you want to share a link to the course or a copy of your .story file I'm happy to give it a test too! 

Alexander Muehlenkord

Hi Ashley, thank you for your feedback.  It is indeed IE11; and even with resetting the compatibility mode the result is still the same. Is there a way for me to share the storyline file with just you? The client would not want their content out for everyone to see. 

I did not have a problem when adding the recording as "step-by-step slides", only if I opt as video on a single slide (30 times). 

David Swaddle

Did you ever get a resolution for this? I'm experiencing the same problem.

SL360 (3.16.15842.0) several MP4 videos embedded in the course.
Audience on IE11, Flash Player, Win 7 Enterprise

It all works in local mode, but put it on an HTTP server and the circle of death appears.

If anybody has reliably resolved the problem, then it would be great to get a summary of how you did this. There are lots of suggestions in this thread, but every one of them seems to have a counter suggestion saying that it didn't solve the problem.

Unfortunately, I cannot share my files.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey David!

So sorry you're hitting this trouble, too. I checked in on Alexander's case, and I see that our engineers weren't able to recreate the issue in IE11 with his file.

I understand you'd rather not share your file, but since it's the best way for us to demonstrate the problem and document a defect, we'd happily accept a .story project shared here privately if you change your mind.

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