White spots

I'm not sure if you can see from this image (I have increased the transparency of the background layer to try and help demonstrate the issue), but when I add new questions, the 4th selection circle has a white background colour - whiter than the other 3. 

Can you see this? Has anyone come across this before? I would maybe understand if this was the correct answer, but bizarrely it is not! It is happening on many if not all of my questions - any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Ant Pugh

Hi Ashley - I'll admit it is very difficult to see from that image, and I didn't notice it myself under my client pointed it out.

But I have tried your suggestion and it is nothing to do with an extra question. See if you can see the issue from these image below.

I have also cut and pasted to offending slides in to a new Storyline file uploaded here.

Phil Mayor

Hi Ant

I think what Ashley is asking is this a Multiple Choice Question where you created 3 choices in form view and then added in another option using the control on the slide (this was what I thought may be the issue).  Did you create all the questions by duplicating the slide?

Can you post one of the slides? You may need to change this on the radio button options and then format paint

Ant Pugh

Thanks for the suggestion. I do remember that some of my radio buttons were looking different to the others, so I manually adjusted them (I think using Format Painter).

I have just tried your suggestion, and it seems to work! I have 50 questions to go through, so I hope this works!

Thanks Stratbeans :)