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Paul Tottle

Thank you!

Here is a slide with the buttons. For example, click on the lower e of "Assessment & Consent". It seems to be only some letters! 

It might be that the arrows are interfering, though they are some distance away. I tried reordering the objects, but no luck so far.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Paul

Sorry I had to run into a meeting and just got back.

I moved the objects around on the timeline and for testing set the layer to hide at 2 secs and added triggers for each button to test.  Appears to be working fine for me now. Hope this helps


Paul Tottle

Thank you Wendy. That works :-)

I originally had the tip of the arrows coming in front of each box, because they look good that way. So I put it back like that and tested again. In front of the tip of each arrow there is a radius of about 20px that is unclickable on the button. However when I place a rectangle over a rectangle there is no unclickable area, it works as expected.

It's like arrows have special powers. Is this what happens for you?

I've made up a new test. The arrow effect persists and is not found on some other shapes I tested - an unfilled oval, a straight line.