Who created/last modified a storyline file?

I'm trying to find out who last modified a storyline file.  In MS Office products, you can see who the author is/was and who last modified the file.  We have several departments that can create storyline projects and I haven't been able to find a way to determine who last modified or edited the file.  Anyone have suggestions?  Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

That functionality isn't built into Storyline. SharePoint and BOX (and, I assume, similar sites) can list when a given file was modified and by whom.

Another option would be to include a text box in the file, and have every editor put their name and the date in it whenever they edit the file.

  • As needed, this could be a running list to show all editing, or just show the most recent session.
  • You could put this text box OFF SCREEN so it would never show in the published course, but would be visible to editors.
    • For example: I sometimes put notes off screen but near the edge of the Title slide. I use a red text box, so the note is quite obvious:

  • Of course, the big caveat with this process is that editors have to remember to update the text box...