Whole module very low resolution when published - Storyline 2

Feb 27, 2019


I have built a text heavy module which looks fine in preview but when published ALL the text is so low res its almost illegible. The video's and logos etc. are also incredibly low res. 

Some of the text is quite small but I've tried increasing the font size, changing the font, changing the quality settings when publishing but nothing is working.

Any ideas at all why this might be happening? and how to fix?

You can see attached a screen grab of the text in preview, and then again when published.



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Katie Riggio

Hello, Lucy. Happy to help!

First, thanks for checking out our best practices for high-quality images! Sorry to hear that increasing the Publish Quality settings doesn't help the resolution. 

Could you let me know if you're publishing the course to Web, LMS, or something? Would you also mind sharing your .story file so I can look into what's happening with the quality? You can send it to me privately by using this upload link. I'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

Lucy Hood

Hi Katie, Sorry for the slow reply. Id shared some snippets of the module with some people internally to see if they were experiencing the same results and was waiting to hear. One person said it was ok, but another said it was so bad it hurt her eyes!! Any idea why it would be ok for some but not others? It's the text that is the issue rather than the pictures.

The versions we were testing were published to LMS. I'm currently working on the trial version of S2 because I've between work laptops and needed to plough on with fixing this - but I presume that wont make a difference?

I'll upload something now. The overall file is huge so I might just send you a snippet. 


Katie Riggio

Good morning, Lucy. No worries, and I appreciate you sharing your file!

You're spot-on: Any Articulate software trial is a fully functional version with all the features and capabilities.

Also, interesting that folks are seeing different results. I'm going to test it in multiple environments, so we can nail down what's happening. Look out for an email from me soon!

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