Why are my answers resizing??

Hi all,

I have a number of slides that are linked to a slide master. I set the answer box position to 100px x 120px. I then apply this to the slides and every single time the individual answers get indented. The answer box is aligned correctly horizontally and the vertical takes into account the size of the question box. However the answers all jump to 200px horizontal.

Please advise why this is happening, and what I need to do to stop it happening again.


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Jason Tilley

Hi Ashley,

Changes are only ever made to the slide master then manually reapplied to each layout that uses that master. Currently when applying the layout it gives a 100px indentation of each answer box (at the time the left side of the answer choices container box was 100px) effectively setting the left side of each answer at 200px, with the standard radio button indentation. I discovered that by deleting all three answers then saving (to generate the error that I must have an answer selected) then readding the answers back in the application of the layout applies a normal 0px indentation of the answer box (lines up with the left side of the answer choices box. Reapplying the layout keeps the change.

However yesterday we made the left side of the answer choice container box 65px and now the answers are jumping to 130px (double the left side) effectively the same thing as 100px to 200px.

Yet at the same time some answers randomly work???

Please note also that every slide was inserted manually as we have constantly had issues with duplicating. All answers and questions were entered in the Edit Multiple Choice screen apart from formatting changes and the occasional correction of a typographical error.

The problem isn't the main answers box, it's the individual answers that randomly jump double what the left position of the main answers box is set to which is clearly not what the system is supposed to do.

I cannot send you a .story as the information is confidential. It is pointless changing the information to make it unconfidential as this temporarily fixes the problems. As per above though the problems reoccur. I can send you the template file, this seems to automatically provide the double indent, plus shows an invisible copy of the Clean slide master which disappears once you apply a layout....

Yes the layout changes seem to work when I insert new slides, however as mentioned all slides were inserted as new.

Deleting the existing slides is not an option as I have sixty set up across


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason,

Thanks for sharing the .storytemplate file. I took a look, and saw the one question you had inserted had the full answer text box in a different location than it appeared on your master although the answers were not indented. I reapplied that layout to the slide, and then I saw the indent occur. So I reverted those changes, and reapplied the layout to see if the behavior was consistent - and this time the layout of your original question slide matched the appearance on the master without the additional indentation. 

 I wanted to test a new question, so I went and added a new question slide based on that layout - it all appeared normally. I then added a new question slide and applied the layout - again it appeared normally. Since I'm not able to consistently reproduce it - I'm unsure what the cause is and am hoping you can offer a bit more information about the following: 

  • I'm unsure what you mean by an "invisible copy of the Clean slide master which disappears once you apply a layout...." ? Could you offer a bit more detail there?
  • You mentioned that changing the content  fixes the problem? Does that happen every time or inconsistently? 
  • Have you confirmed that you're working with local project files?  If you have been working off a network or USB drive, can you try importing the file into a new Storyline file?  If it's still behaving oddly can you test it out on a brand new file that you've started on your local drive? 
  • If you're able to reproduce the error on all of your Storyline files, are you able to conduct the repair of Storyline? 

You mentioned the file contents being confidential, and if you're able to share it directly with our Support engineers (or me privately) it will be kept confidential and not shared outside of our team. 

Jason Tilley

Hi Ashley,

By confidential I was talking more about the question and answer content, so I can change the dummy data.

By invisible copy of the Clean slide master, when I first import the slides from the template, I immediately have two duplicate listings of the Clean slide masters, however there is only one slide master. Each one actually has a different result. I tested it by applying both versions of the question layout. After three changes it reverted back to just one copy of the Clean slide layouts.

Unfortunately changing the content was temporary. After saving, then reopening the story file, application of the layouts reverted back to the 100px. Originally when I did this it was very consistent. Unfortunately the next day it consistently reverted back.

My template is stored on the network, however the story file I am working with is stored on my local C: drive. If I start a brand new file and manually make slide master changes I don't get any of the problems. This leads me to believe there's an issue in the template file...


Jason Tilley

I also tested adding a new slide master, and renamed the Question layout to differentiate between the two. This caused several problems.

I set the first one to 320 x 78 position and the second one to 36 x 78 (default).

When I apply the 320 x 78 the box goes to this size, but the answers get pushed to 595 x 78.

When I apply the default layout the answer box goes to this size, but the answers get pushed to 311 x 78.

This was on a brand new story file, that wasn't created using the template and is stored on my C:\ drive.


Jason Tilley

Also, what's with the Feedback master? I create a button on the Slide master and that populates through all the feedback layouts so you can't change them as the changes can only be done on the slide master, which is correct. But nothing else filters down. I resized and moved the boxes down, and nothing else changes so have to do this manually on every one.

Then I delete the placeholder for the title box and the Continue button as A) we don't want a title, and B) we want a button that matches the colour scheme we have for the rest of the project.

Now, every time I insert a new slide, my layout for correct/incorrect is applied but it adds the old title text box and the old continue button which don't even exist on the feedback layouts. It's really annoying and time-consuming to delete useless objects that shouldn't exist. And this is a brand new project as well.

Jason Tilley

And what causes random triggers to be created by the program?

I have a process whereby I create two layers which have additional feedback if the user gets the question right/wrong due to the existing default layers to resize text the more that's added. This works as I delete the triggers that hide the correct/incorrect layer and jump to the next slide when the timeline ends. Then they randomly turn up later only on some slides...really frustrating to have to keep going through sixty questions to see if anymore have snuck on board.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason,

If the template was saved on a network drive, that could have caused the issue - as you'll want all files for your Storyline project to be on a local drive as mentioned previously. Since you mentioned that you also tried with a new template file that you started on your local drive, and then inserted into a new Storyline project on your local drive - I'd also be curious to know if you conducted the repair of Storyline? If the behavior is inconsistent one day to the next, it seems something with Storyline overall.

By default, you can't modify the look of the Continue button on question feedback layers.

However, you can hide the built-in Continue button and create your own, and here's how. 

In regards to the random triggers, this is a known issue we've reported to our QA team for review. The behavior we've seen is that if you remove the hide layer trigger from a feedback layer, and then on the base layer "Edit question" using the button in the top right hand corner, the triggers reappear. If you're seeing these triggers appear in a different way, can you share some step by step directions on what you've done prior to these triggers reappearing?