Why are my icons w/hot spots dissapearing?

Mar 28, 2018

I am having a issue with icons w/hot spots to change state disappearing as I move through a project. I have tried reordering the triggers ad suggested in a thread linked below but at as you can see in the attached video that did not solve the problem but in fact made it worse!

I am not sure if this is the same problem as this thread. If it is let me know and I will close this one.

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Mike Bubyn

Hey Kyle,

I had a pretty good look through your file. There is definitely an issue that requires more digging. 

I tightened up the trigger order. Added a (visited state) and set the layers to reset to initial state. The shape still fades out on the vacation policy layer. 

Rather than troubleshoot the current design I suggest a different workflow. 

Use a marker as your shape. Add a bunch of states (visited, hover, etc) to the marker and add one (close layer) trigger to the marker rather than creating the shape and manually creating hotspot triggers. It will save you a ton of design work and time troubleshooting (issues like this). 

See attached.



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