Why Articulate is changing letters in output?


here's link for my .story project.

On scene two you can see some markers  - for example in first we have

"Praca własna Latarnika związana z realizacja działań w ramach Planu Działania."

But in preview option we see:

"Praca własna i atarnika związana z realizacją działan w ramach Planu aziałania"

Why it is happening? How I can get rid of it?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Mateusz.

I have experienced this exactly the same in Polish (like this), and also Czech, and reported it over on the Beta test forum.

My first question would be - what font are you using?

I had to use Arial in order to get over issues like this, I have also experienced something that is linked to "glyph substitution" (apparently!), although I have to admit I am not exactly sure what this is or means!

As a stop-gap solution I would try Arial, and then also log this with Articulate support, it just should not work this way.

Hope this helps.