Why can't I get this hotspot quiz question bank to work when the answer is wrong?

I'm new to Storyline, so I am still trying to figure this out. 

And I am lost on this one. I am trying to build a rapid fire T/F quiz with a large question bank. There is no submit button, the answer click triggers the next slide. There also is no feedback.

I can get it functioning how I want when I answer correctly. The counter counts up and seems to be scoring correctly. But when I answer incorrectly (everything is set to "NOT" being incorrect for the 5 questions I have in now), the slide just hangs with a spin animation until I click the correct answer. I know I am missing something, but I have no idea what it is. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached what I have so far. 

Thank you!

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Ron Price

I took a quick look -  a couple of things I noticed.  

The big issue, is that you are not ever really clicking on the "NOT" hotspot.  It is underneath the grouped items on the slide.   Down in your timeline, find that hotspot and move it up higher on the timeline and it will be on the top, then try it.

Also, The triggers on the hotspots are not the same - one says jump to slide and the other says submit interaction.  I would probably make them both submit interaction.  That's not a big deal - the other would work, but consistency is helpful down the road