Why can't I proceed to 'next slide' or 'specific slide' from a slide layer?

Hi fellow storyliners - I'm a long time lurker of the forums, who has finally hit the snag that I can't solve myself...

I have two slides (in this cut down version):

Slide 1: Base Layer + Layer 1 - On Layer 1, there is a trigger to jump to next slide. All is peachy - it works fine.

Slide 2: Base Layer + 4 Additional Layers - On all other layers, there are triggers to jump to next slide (We're working on a 'correct progression of events' style question here). No 'jump to' triggers on the other slides work.


Can anyone explain this? I have only two (2) slides like Slide 2 in my entire program (80+ slides) and whilst it will be no big issue to separate each layer out into a new slide, it's frustrating me why it won't work!

Attached is a cut down version of my program (of Slide 1 and Slide 2). Any thoughts, suggestions or comments?




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