Why can't I sign into Articulate 360 anymore?

I downloaded Articulate 360 (Windows 7) two weeks ago and started my free trial. Before my trial was even up, I found myself logged out of Articulate 360.... and unable to log back in again. I've uninstalled the A360 app as well as Storyline and the rest, reset my password, and installed everything (running as administrator). No matter what I do, I just keep getting that log in screen. It'll "think" for a moment and put me right back to the log in screen. I have projects that I have to finish. What happened?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenna,

Have you also tried to log into 360.articulate.com just to double check the log in? Also did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the applications? I'd advise working with our Support Engineers as well so that we can gather a bit more information about your set up and what's occurring. 

Kyle Long

Same issue here -

Trial of Articulate working for 6 days.

I restarted my computer and am not able to sign in to articulate 360.
I chose the option "Forgot Password" (even though I was pretty sure I was typing the correct password) and received an email to reset my password.
The reset appeared successful, as I was directed to a screen that stated "Great! You're all set. Your new password is now active." 

I opened case #Case Number: 01057414 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi M and Ricardo, 

Uh oh! We just pushed out an update to Articulate 360 and it's causing issues with active trial users. 

We've got our team on the case and they're digging in right now!  Sorry about this trouble - and we should be able to get it fixed up soon, so we'll keep you posted. 

Jenny Newman

Ha ha, me too! But I'm not a trial user, I actually have an account and it won't let me log into my Articulate 360 apps to upload course testing to Articulate Review. I submitted my case, but looking for anyone that may have a work around. If I can view (through the web browser) my 360 account, but the apps are not working, is there a way to upload a course to Articulate Review without the desktop apps? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

Are you seeing an error message when trying to access the desktop tray application? Did you install the latest updates pushed out?

I see your case as well that has been escalated to our Support Engineers so if you can share a screenshot or information about any errors you're receiving that'll be what we need to help!

Jenny Newman

Unfortunately there is no error message - it actually does nothing at all. No pop ups, nothing. What's funny is that I've also uninstalled and installed it many times, updated my passwords, etc. with no luck. 

As for installing the latest updates, it won't let me do that either (and I have administrative rights to my computer). I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. 

I have attached what I see - it's the weirdest thing. 

Elke Moyer

I am running into this same issue right now. I am actually ok to log in at home. I am on trial and brought my laptop to work to show my boss and it logged me out and won't let me back in telling me wrong password. I am ok to log into the website, but not into articulate 360. It worked ok last week when I brought my laptop to work. I had it in two days ago, that's when I first noticed it doing it here at work. I took it home...and no problem. Brought it back in to work today...same thing. I don't think its something here at work since it worked fine last week here at work. Help Please! Need to show my boss today. I am trying to purchase this software, but certainly won't look good if I can't get in to show her.

Haley Whittington

I am also having this problem as a trial user! I have reset my password a couple times and seem to stay logged in online, but not in the desktop tray. Ever since I loaded the last update I have had to reset my password twice in order to log into the desktop tray. It's hard to justify purchasing if I am constantly having access issues! How can I avoid this happening in the future?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Haley, 

I'm sorry you've encountered this strange behavior. You shouldn't have to reset your password each time, but it may prompt you to log in again.

It doesn't look like you've reached out to our Support Engineers, but if you'd like to we can look at what's happening in your account.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sumanmadhu, 

It could be because you have two Articulate IDs? Please make sure you're logging into the Desktop tray application and the 360.articulate.com website with the correct one, which seems to be your work email address (vs. your personal). Also, you may want to follow up with your 360 Teams admin, as it appears the subscription expires April 27, 2018.