Why do I have automatically generating triggers?

May 15, 2014

Hi all,

This is annoying. My Correct and Incorrect feedback layers randomly get a Hide Layer This Layer, and Jump to Next Slide, both set to When Timeline ends. They randomly appear on some slides and not others, and are not impacted (added or removed) when I reapply the relevant Feedback Master slide.

The Master Feedback slide has a button with both of these triggers applied, but nothing else. Not even the individual feedback master slides have anything extra.

We specifically want the user to click to move along. Not have the screen move while they're halfway through reading the information. And I really don't like having a program randomly add these triggers in. I have sixty questions between twenty banks and have to keep randomly checking them all for these triggers.

Please advise what causes this and how I can stop it.

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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Jason,

I go through your problem, if you want user to click on the button then your slide progressed to another than you have give trigger on your button click instead of timeline ends and the trigger should be

Hide Layer,

This layer

When User Click

Button name in the feedback screen. 

In this case that trigger should take you to the following slide.

Hope it will help you.

Jason Tilley

Hi Kartik, as per my original post, I already have a button with hide layer and jump to next slide associated to one click action on the button. As per my post I want to know why 'additional' triggers are appearing (not created by me or anyone in my team) that are hiding the layer and jumping to the next slide when timeline ends. This makes my button irrelevent, and my entire process.


Antony Snow

Hi Jason and Kartik,

I appreciate that this doesn't offer you a solution, but the issue that Jason is reporting is also being covered in this thread - I should also add that I too have the same issue with these triggers regenerating once I edit a question.

It looks like the QA team are aware of this issue/bug and are working on a resolution.


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