Why do I need to click 'Continue' button (on the correct / incorrect layers of a quiz slide) TWICE ?

Dear all,

Recently I came across an unusual behavior of the 'Continue' button on the Correct / Incorrect layers of the quiz slide. Unlike anytime earlier, I need to click the 'Continue' button TWO TIMES (not a double click) in order to move to the next slide.

While looking for the cause behind this issue, I discovered that it happens particularly when I use the feature of "Reset only incorrect questions" (that we find in the trigger window of "Reset Results". If I check mark that option (use this feature in my course), I have to face the Continue button issue mentioned above. If I don't use that feature, the Continue button works normally as usual (advances on a single click).

I am wondering why can't I use the "Reset only incorrect questions" feature and have normal behavior of the Continue button at the same time??

Please suggest.

Best Regards,

Sushil Suryawanshi

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Sushil Suryawanshi

Thanks Harshad!

Yes, your file works well and does not produce the mentioned issue. Now, I am clear that the cause I identified does not hold true in all the circumstances. However, it's still true that when I don't use the "Reset only incorrect questions" feature, the problem goes away. My file has all the custom buttons, a few variables and conditions, 2 attempts for each question (that gives me an additional layer of "Try Again". However, the problem is particularly about the 'Continue' button as tested minutely before putting up this post.), and the activated feature of 'Reset only incorrect questions'. Now, it will be a task for me to find out the real (some other) reason behind the 'Continue' button issue I am experiencing in my actual course file. Thanks for popping in with all the new file you might have created just for this purpose. Helped a lot.

Best, Sushil