Why do my buttons disappear behind objects, when I drag them?

Hi all,

Attached one SL slide, where I created a drag'n drop quiz question. The buttons from above must be draged and dropped in the right fields below.

Yet, when I crab and drag the buttons, there are some fields below, where the button sort of disappears behind the field. Since I'm not sure to be clear, I have added a short mp4 that shows that.

What did I do wrong? I have deleted all button states except Normal, I have made sure, that the buttons are on top of the fields. But still, when I drag a button, it disappears around some fields.

Thanks in advance for your support and best regards

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David Tait

I've had a look and I'm stumped. The only idea I have is that you're using buttons for the drags and the drops. My instinct tells me that there's an issue with the buttons being focussed when you hover over them, which is causing the display issue.

I'd be tempted to try recreating the drag and drop using shapes instead of buttons to see if it solves the problem. No guarantees that this will work but I think it's worth a try.