Why Do Triggers Break?

Hi, community,

I tested a slide/entry field in a Try It version of a course this morning in the LMS, and this afternoon it's broken; it presents the Try It layer when a user simply clicks in the field.  Both incorrect layers display instead of allowing the user to type in the required entry. 

When I transfer the entire scene to a brand new project, the slide works fine. We're deploying through Saba. 

Does anyone have any insight into why this is happening?



Deb Elliott


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Michael Shannon

Hey Deb. Are you referring to 1.6 Name?

It looks like the textbox is not in the correct place so when you click on the image where it should be your trigger "show layer Try Again 1 when user clicks outside XYZ Company - 'Text Entry'" fires. Not sure it that's what you're referring to or not. If not then let us know where this is happening. 

Deb Elliott

Hi, Michael,

Thanks so much for your response; greatly appreciated! And you’re exactly right. We’d been using this file to play with our player, story size dimensions and that threw several of our hotspots out of position.

Thanks again for your response and have a lovely day!

Deb Elliott