Why does condition order matter?

I have created a pick one custom question and used conditions on my "check answer" button to switch the colour of the answer depending on the chosen response. So if they click the wrong answer, it will appear red with an "x" beside it but will also show the correct answer in green with a checkmark. Until this morning, I couldn't get these conditions to work, and discovered it was because of the order of the conditions. Why does the order matter? Shouldn't the program run through all the conditions regardless of order? And how do I know which order they have to go in? I have attached the file (the one that works) for you to see what I did, but would like to know for the future why I had to change the order of the conditions on the check answer button.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lisa!

The order of the conditions would not matter, however the order of the triggers would. I did check the files and I only see one condition set up on each trigger. There is a way to simplify this by removing several of your triggers. Using the built in Selected state will automatically change the color of the item when selected, so you would not need those triggers.

Attached is an updated file. 

Lisa Phillips

I took my original file and did the exact same thing that you did (Or so I think) and it is not performing the same way. Basically, when they chose the wrong answer, their answer should appear in red with an "x" beside it but the correct answer should also appear in green with a check mark beside it. It's not working like that in my file and i can't understand why as I did the same as you. Any ideas?