Why does not the "Drag and Drop"

Why does not work the "Drag and Drop"???

Dragged only the first question come to the right field adrugie two do not work. Why?

To move to the blue box right answer.

1. Picture1    -   TextBox 3    (the correct answer)

                           TextBox 4

                           TextBox 5

2. Picture10    -   TextBox 8    (the correct answer)

                              TextBox 9

                              TextBox 10

3. Picture11    -   TextBox 16    (the correct answer)

                              TextBox 17

                              TextBox 18

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Helen Tyson

Hi Svetlana

I've tried your course and have recreated something similar to see if I can work it out and it seems that the drag and drop doesn't work because it is inside a scrolling panel - I've attached a sample file with two slides, one where the three parts are all on the slide and another where they appear in a scrolling panel, the first works the second doesn't.

I'm not really sure why, maybe someone from Articulate could supply the definitive answer, but I think it's because when the targets are in the scrolling panel you are moving their physical position on the slide so Storyline doesn't recognise the target properly.

My only suggestion would be to redesign you slide so you don't need the scrolling panel.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Svetlana and Helen,

Thanks Helen for sharing a mock up and you can see that the drag items for the second and third rectangles also don't snap to the drop target as expected based on the set up - so as you mentioned once in the scrolling panel the drag and drop does not function as expected. 

I'd suggest setting up this interaction to not using the scrolling panel, and maybe instead you could set up a few questions per slide and once X number of items have been dropped the user would be moved to the next slide. 


I know this post is over a year old but I recently ran into this issue and found a work around for it.

As noted above, what you can't do is have the drop targets within the scrolling panel.

Instead what you can do is include all of the words that you want to drag and put these drag items within the scrolling panel.
Then add your drop targets outside of the scrolling panel. 

Then you should have no issues with the drag/drop while also utilizing the scroll panel.