Why does restore on mouse leave not work?

I have an image ( an animated gif ) that I want to change its state to normal when the user mouses over a shape on screen. It is then expected to return to its initial state of hidden when the user is not mousing over the box shape. I have tride this in several iterations ( showing the hidden image ), (hiding the shown image ) ( using a variable to do the same ) . At no time does the image return to its initial state when the user mouses away from the box shape. Does this function actually work?

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Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing your solution, Luke.  Just to clarify for me, because I may be missing something, it sounded like you were setting a trigger to change the state of (.gif) to Normal when mouse hovers over (box) with the "restore on mouse leave" checked.  What was different about your trigger setup when this was failing to work?  Was the initial state of the .gif something other than Hidden?  

I was curious about the distinction you discovered in case someone comes across this discussion for help!  Thanks!