Why doesn't Articulate Storyline offer course progress bars rather than a slide progress bar?

I would like to request an enhancement for the next player upgrade in Articulate Storyline. Could a variety of course progress bars be offered as a selectable option in the player?

I realize that many users (programmer/developers) might really enjoy the programming freedom and creativity AS2 allows around this. However, for those of us who are instructional designers using AS2 as a tool to create elearning modules, having to search for and/or then program in a course progress bar is exquisitely time-consuming.  For me, a course progress bar should a price of admission function for any courseware authoring software.

And really, what good is a slide progress bar anyway? It seems to me like a waste of space that could be better used to give our learners a realistic, easy-to-parse, consistent way of knowing where they are in the course. And why is the Play/Pause button connected to a slide progress bar?

Please pardon my rant, but I have spent many frustrating hours on this. 


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Chris Cole

Hi Deb.

It's a good question, but the answer isn't going to be what you're looking for. :)

It would be impossible to create a generic course progress bar. Everybody designs their courses differently, often with branching, optional paths, jumping between scenes, and other non-linear navigation. Even linear navigation would be tricky in certain cases, depending on how you treat review of prior content. Some would calculate progress based on responses to interactions and not on navigation at all. So it would be impossible to define or calculate progress generically for the virtually unlimited number of ways that individual developers design their lessons.

But creating your own progress bar based on the design of your own particular lesson doesn't need to be especially difficult or frustrating. If you share a specific need you have with the forum, I'm sure lots of folks would help come up with a quick and easy solution.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Deb -- Thanks for reaching out here, and you are welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions with our Product team by using this form

And In addition to the input offered by Alexandros and Chris, you may want to take a look at this e-learning Challenge: Progress Meters in E-Learning #60 for some additional ideas you can try. :)