Why doesn't CTRL + Y work?

Mar 29, 2013

I love keyboard short cuts and one I use frequently is CTRL + Y to repeat. If you have several elements on your screen and you make a change to one, just select each of the others and hit CTRL + Y and they get the same change.

This week I created my first Storyline course.  I was very disappointed to find that CTRL + Y doesn't work.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Marjorie!

Unfortunately, you are correct. The CTRL+Y shortcut is not available in Storyline. For a list of shortcuts that are currently available, please take a look at the following article:

Keyboard Shortcuts

If this shortcut is one you'd like to see in a future release of Storyline, please share your suggestion in a feature request:

Articulate - Submit a feature request

Now, there is one option for applying the same effects to multiple items. However, it's not a keyboard shortcut. It may save you some time, however, and that's what shortcuts are all about

Using the Storyline Clipboard

I hope this helps!


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stuart.  Ctrl+y is listed in that document, and we might have updated it since the original post. 

Ctrl+y will "redo" a change.  For example, if you select a shape and change it's color to red, and then use the Undo button to change the color back to blue, you can use ctrl+Y to redo the color to red.  Ctrl+y and ctrl+z are the shortcuts for these buttons:

Were you looking for that function or something else?

Stuart Gilbert

I see.
Thanks very much for the reply.
I appreciate it.

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