Why doesn't everything translate?

Apr 20, 2018

I am using SL3. I exported a Word document using the translation feature, had it translated, and imported it back into SL3. I am finding that, even though text has an ID and has been translated in the Word document, everything doesn't update into the SL3 slides. It is mostly call outs, and text boxes that do not translate even though I can see them on the Word document. Am I missing something? 



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William Hirsch

Hi Bill,

Is any of the content at all showing translated in the story?

Let's make sure we've checked the basics first.

You'll want to confirm that the column that you translated in Word was the far right column (either the second or the third, depending on if you opted to output the original text for reference).  It's critical that you don't modify anything in the far left column, as this is how SL360 knows where to re-insert the translated copy.

Also be sure that you've saved the document prior to importing it again (sounds basic, but I've done sillier things when rushing).  I like to name the files with the language code at the end, so for a story that I made in English, I might export "MyStory_EN.doc" but save the file (once translated) to "MyStory_ES.doc" (assuming I'm translating to Spanish).  This isn't critical, but helps keep me from getting confused, re-importing the source language, etc.

As mentioned, let me know if some of the text is not showing translated, or if it's all of it.


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